High Asset Divorce

Regardless of the Financial Position of Your Family, the Division of Assets During a Divorce Proceeding Can Be Complicated

High Asset Divorce Lawyer Michigan - Richard I. Lippit | Family Law Attorney - asset2The division of assets for couples with significant assets presents its own unique challenges.

When a family has significant and diversified assets, it is sometimes difficult for an experienced family law attorney to immediately understand the entire financial picture. Therefore, it is often necessary for the family law attorney to hire specialists that can assist him in evaluating the family’s assets.

The types of experts employed can include:

  • Forensic accountants who have experience in reviewing complicated financial statements and tax returns
  • Business appraisers who know how to value a business above and beyond that business’s “book value”
  • Real estate appraisers experienced in valuing high-end residences and vacation properties
  • Financial planners who are experienced in valuing complicated investment instruments

The above is merely a partial list of experts that may be necessary to employ. Each divorce is unique and a qualified family law attorney will know what steps are required to properly value your family’s assets.

It is impossible for a party to a divorce to be able to negotiate fairly with the other party if they do not have a clear picture of the family’s financial condition.

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